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STEVE BEGIN is the worst player in the history of the montreal canadiens. He completely cost us the season. I hope you burn in hell you son of a bitch. I hope every Montreal fan spits on him in the street. If Steve Begin comes to your place of work tell him to fuck right off. I have never seen such a stupid play in my entire life. Why the fuck would u take a penalty with seconds left in the 2nd period. absolutly ridiculous. I hope that Steve Begin gets cancer, but unlike Koivu, I hope he doesnt have remission.  

i will be putting up photos of steve begin because he is the biggest peice of shit in the world. If your out there Steve, i hope you slit your wrists


What's New? steve begin is a peice of trash

fuck steve begin


post how much u hate steve begin, hes garbage


steve begin is the biggest peice of shit